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At Bakersfield RV Center we are pleased to work with all RV extended warranty companies. Rest assured your RV repair request will be handled efficiently and your motorhome, travel trailer or RV will be back on the road in no time.

We understand that sometimes having RV repairs performed under the coverage of your extended RV warranty can be a hassle. Bring your motorhome, travel trailer or RV to us for repair and we will take care of the rest. We will work diligently at contacting the RV extended warranty company and expediting the authorization and repair process.

Additionally, we will work hard at limiting your cost to just your plan deductible, many service centers will pass along any denied expenses for approved repairs to the customer. In most cases we are able to absorb any adjustments issued by the RV extended warranty companies and charging you just your plan deductible.

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Most RV repair or RV service centers will charge a flat rate fee of up to $60.00 for each RV repair item requested regardless of the nature of the problem or even if you already know what the cause of the problem is. At Bakersfield RV Center we will perform the troubleshooting of typical RV repair issues without an upfront commitment for payment. Once the problem has been identified we will inform you of the nature of the problem and provide you with an estimated cost to repair. Should you decide not to have the problem corrected and the troubleshooting was routine, we will not charge for the diagnoses. Likewise, if the troubleshooting is not routine and will require extensive labor to be diagnosed properly we will inform you of the situation and provide you the opportunity to authorize a determined cost for troubleshooting or stop the troubleshooting and not be charged.

Bakersfield RV Center's goal is the provide the best RV repair services at the most affordable price possible. We want our customers to feel confident they are receiving the best possible service and not being taken advantage of.

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Go to Extensions → Template Manager → rt_camber_j15. Mouseover the labels to view a description of each parameter.

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Gantry Framework: Video Documentation

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